Ten Reasons to Attend Keystone Christian Fiction Writers Conference

Kelly session 20151. To accumulate knowledge

Like any skill or profession, it’s important to learn everything you can that will help forward your career. Whether it’s writing better, understanding what literary agents want or how to navigate the difficult world of publishing, the Keystone Christian Fiction Writers Conference is jam-packed with instruction and valuable take-away advice that can help make the difference between landing a book deal and not.

20151107_1326232. To network with others

It’s a lot easier to connect with others when you meet them in person. That’s why we pull together authors, editors, agents and more. You never know where your contacts will lead you. Good friends are also made at conferences.

Panel Discussion Intro3. To prove to yourself you are serious about your writing goals

Anyone can sit down and write. But it takes dedication and investment in yourself and to go from hobbyist to serious writer who strives to get published and share his or her work with the world. Invest in your career. You won’t regret it.

4. To meet published authors

The Keystone Christian Fiction Writers Conference is packed with sessions from published authors, including Carol Hamilton, Kelly Anne Liberto, Gloria Clover, Jeanette Windle, and more. Get advice, get your book signed and get a chance to rub elbows with authors who have found success.

Appointments5. To meet agents

Jim Hart from Hartline Literary Agency—we’ve got a wonderful agent coming to talk about what kind of books they are looking for and what kind of books can land a book deal.

Joyce Hart, from Hartline Literary will encourage you, and if she likes what she sees, she’ll recommend you to the right agent for you.

6. To meet publishers

Representatives from WhiteFire Publishing and Love Inspired will take appointments and talk about what they look for in authors.

Main Room at Exponential7. To be inspired in an informal setting

The Exponential Church in Harrisburg is a place to network, learn, and be inspired in a rural country church that’s not far from anything. We’ll have a continental breakfast, snacks, and a catered lunch brought in.

8. To practice, practice, practice

Whether it’s practicing your pitch or practicing your craft, our conference gives you an opportunity work on the skill (or skills) you want. There are different tracks of sessions so you can choose what suits your needs. be

9. To have fun

How often can you attend an event that’s makes you better prepared for your career and is a lot of fun? Make lasting friendships with other Christian writers.

Panel Discussion-110. To remember that it’s all God’s work

Yes, we come together as writers to learn, but we also come together as Christians, knowing that whatever we write, it is for his glory—the work is for him and the furthering of his kingdom. All of our sessions, from the keynote to each of the workshops is given by folks sharing their work with us to build up the body of Christ.

At the end of the day …

When all is said and done, it’s not just our conference—it’s your conference. You don’t want to miss it. Oh, and one of the best reasons to make your plans now is that the price will increase on October 1. Don’t wait. Register today!