Exponential Church, Harrisburg

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Located at 4699 Earl Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17112 Phone: 717-461-3288
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Living Room at ExponentialFor our conference we will be using the large main auditorium plus a breakout room. Right outside the main room, where you entered is a Coffee Break area, with comfortable seating and tables.

Catering from Crave the Food, Harrisburg

Our catering is being provided by Crave the Food in Harrisburg. They will bring our continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. All food provided that day is part of your conference fee and includes the following:

A continental breakfast will be served from around 8:00-8:30 a.m. It will consist of coffee, orange juice, and pastries.

A delicious catered lunch served at noon will include soup, salad, wraps, potato chips, cookies, brownies, and coffee. We will also provide water and soda for lunch.

During the afternoon, snacks will be provided of: veggie & dip tray, cheese & cracker tray, cookies, and coffee.

The conference begins promptly at 9:00 am, with registration and check-in beginning at 8:00 am. It will be a fully packed day, with lots to learn and many exciting people to meet.

 Candlewood exteriorConference Hotel – The Candlewood Inn & Suites

As part of the conference registration process, you may also indicate if you’d like to share a room with another person from the conference. You can manage that yourself, or if you indicate on the registration form, we’ll help find someone to room with. You will be able to split the costs and there is no additional per person charge for the room.

Candlewood Double Queen Suite croppedYou are responsible for making your own reservations. Please call The Candlewood Inn & Suites at 504 North Mountain Road, Harrisburg, PA 17112 Phone: 717-652-7800, and use the Reservation Identification Number PA ACFW OR KEYSTONE to get the special conference rate of $79/night. You must make your reservations by midnight, Friday, October 7, 2015, to get the special conference rate. You can reserve your room with a credit card and you won’t owe anything until the conference. If you need to cancel your room, you must cancel before November 3rd, or you will be charged for one night stay (48-hour cancellation notice).